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Cleveland Area Hospital is here and ready to serve

all emergency and outpatient needs.

The following protocols have been implemented to ensure safety to all patients and staff. All emergencies will be priority.

  • ER visitation is currently not allowed.

  • Inpatient visitation will be allowed with the following guidelines:

       1: Masks must be always worn by visitor while in building and patient       

           room with no exception.

       2: Visitors may not leave the room except to leave the facility. 

       3: Visitors must be 18 years or older.

  • Please call 918-358-2501 upon arrival.
    (If you do not have a cell phone, ring the buzzer located to the left of the front door.)


  • Remain in your vehicle while an Access staff member completes your registration by phone.
    -The receiving department will come to your vehicle and take you to the     appropriate location depending on what service you are having.