Image of Cleveland Area Hospital CEO Edred Benton

Message to our team members & community stakeholders, from our CEO, Edred Benton

Wow! Welcome to 2020. It is an honor to work with all of you, and I am so proud of all that we accomplished together in 2018. 2020 marks the beginning of only my sixth year here in Cleveland, and we all owe a great, big ‘Thank you!’ to those of you who have been taking care of patients here for 5, 10, 15, or even 25 years.


There is so much to say that it won’t all fit in this note. This is a big-picture view of our success, and only a glimpse of our strategic direction.


Our Core Strengths

We belong to the Community

The Hospital and Clinic are valuable assets of our community, both Cleveland and beyond, including the surrounding communities and counties. As a clear example of our regional impact, in 2015, over $2M in payments received, came from patients in Osage County. Your commitment and persistence are what earn the trust of the community. We will continue to expand on this trust and credibility.


Patient Care & Comfort is Our Number One Priority

Each of you demonstrate a commitment to this priority every day, in every single aspect of our operation. Together, we

will continue to improve our resources to support your work, and improve our environment. We can’t upgrade everything

at once, but patience and persistence will continue to pay off.


Engagement in the Mission

Only through constant communication and back-and-forth discussion can we ensure that we all remain engaged in the mission of moving our organization forward. Thank you for the passion that you bring to our team! I see so much commitment and engagement, and it really makes this organization special.


Culture of Trust, Transparency and Communication

We have made massive strides to create a collaborative environment, and we will continue to insist on openness, teamwork, and mutual respect. These are not meant to be ‘just words on a page of a mission statement’, but something

we live by, in what we do every day. Thank you all for your faith and support in contributing to this positive environment!


Our Strategic Initiatives

  •         Dream BIG! Get stuff DONE! Be PASSIONATE!

  •         Provider Retention and Recruiting

  •         Nursing Retention and Recruiting

  •         Expansion of Services (needed and requested by the community)

  •         Pursuit of Non-Operating Revenue (grants, for example)

  •         Improved Technology & Workflow

  •         Continuous Improvement throughout the organization

  •         Facility Improvement

  •         Pursuit of Excellence


There is a great deal more detail behind each of these strategic initiatives, but I think this note is about as long as we

can stand. Expect more information in the near future. We must maintain our Core Strengths, as these strengths will

ensure the success of our Strategic Initiatives.


Thank you for your hard work!