Danna Ellis, CAH’s Program Developer and Wellness Coordinator, strategically plans and creates opportunities to empower our community, free of charge.

  Ellis aims to bring about positive change in physical, mental, and spiritual

well-being. Her goal is to develop and encourage a culture of wellness for both employees, patients and the community in order to increase productivity satisfaction, and overall happiness in the workplace and life in general.

  One way Ellis plans to develop a culture of wellness is through offering a variety of classes and exercise opportunities. A few of these opportunities include yoga, tai chi, an active aging class, regular challenges and fitness planning, zumba and boot camps. Along with prioritizing daily physical activity, Ellis also stresses the importance of other wellness factors like getting quality sleep, dealing with stress and hydration.

  Most people long for a sense of satisfaction in life and health. Whether it is making a better life for their children or grandchildren, reducing risks of future health issues, or simply wanting to feel, look, and be more healthy, finding meaningful motivation is vital when seeking improvement. Ellis explains that wellness is not just about running long distances or sticking to an impossible diet. “It's about finding your movement, what you enjoy, and incorporating it into your life because it is going to enhance your life, it’s going to enhance your families lives, and it’s going to enhance your community.” Whether it is a physical, mental, or spiritual movement, the most important thing is to take action and begin figuring out how to incorporate this progress in your everyday life.

For more information, or to attend any of these FREE CLASSES, Contact:

Danna Ellis, Wellness Coordinator




  Whether you know nothing about yoga, or have already perfected the Headstand, you don’t want to miss out on the variety of benefits that yoga scientifically offers, both physically and mentally!

Some Benefits of Yoga:     

• Body Detoxification              

• Increases Flexibility and Balance

• Improves Posture

• Relieves Joint and Back Pain     

• Increases Immunity

• Relieves Muscle Tension     

• Lowers Blood Pressure

• Increases Core Strength



  Intro to Fitness is a strength, balance and fitness class that is great for all ages and fitness levels. This class is made possible by the SAIL program (Stay Active & Independent for Life) and intends to improve your quality of life by staying active. These exercises can also accommodate mobility difficulties by allowing the student to sit while performing movements.



  Zumba is an exercise fitness program utilizing dance and vigorous movement to music. This dance works your entire body, tones every muscle group, improves posture and balance and increases flexibility!




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