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Financial Services  |  We're here for you.

We are here to assist with your financial needs.

Providing a valid phone number and address will assist Cleveland Area Hospital in communicating with you regarding your account and prevent collections activities.

Whether you are insured, under-insured, or not insured, Cleveland Area Hospital is here to help with your financial needs by providing various resources such as:

  • Financial counseling

  • Payment arrangements

  • Assistance with charity applications

  • Government programs for Self-Pay patients without insurance to assist with COVID testing and care

  • Discounts (as applicable)

We want to make every effort to assist you with your financial needs.

For those who qualify, discounted care may be available. Please ask to speak with our Business Office to discuss any applicable discounts at 918-358-2501.

Payment Arrangements
Cleveland Area Hospital offers both in-house payment arrangements, as well as options from our partnership with HELP Financial to provide easy and affordable financing, budget friendly payment options, and the ability to combine family accounts and add future bills. For more information about our available payment options, please ask to speak with our Financial Counselor at 918-358-2501.

Help Financial Website

Charity Care
Our on-site Financial Counselor is here to help and can provide resources to financial aid applications as well as aid you in the application process.
To view our currently available Charity Care forms and policies, see the links below:

Social Worker
For assistance with disability applications and government programs, Cleveland Area Hospital is proud to offer assistance from an on-site Social Worker who can be contacted at 918-358-2501.

All applications for financial assistance are kept completely private.
The information you provide is shared only with those responsible for determining your eligibility.

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