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Our Mission

The mission of our hospital is the same today as it was when they opened their doors in 1963, which is to provide the members of this rural community and surrounding areas exceptional quality healthcare from employees who have a spirit of caring in their heart.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue being the first choice and best healthcare provider with a healing spirit while becoming a Regional Healthcare Center.

   Cleveland Area Hospital is a critical access hospital located in Cleveland, Oklahoma. The hospital provides emergency, laboratory, radiology, inpatient care, outpatient infusion, and nurse care services as well as a fully equipped rehabilitation center and primary care clinic. The drive to become a Regional Healthcare provider, with a reputation for providing exceptional quality care beyond county lines, has grown from the heart of our Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Edred Benton. The authenticity of the CEO and the vision for expanded healthcare in the community has spread contagiously throughout the organization, transforming the team into ambassadors of the shared ideals, hopes, and dreams for our rural hospital. The challenges faced by rural hospitals are not an excuse to limit our success. Our vision is rooted in leading examples of outstanding rural hospitals, and we will honor the hospital founders and long-time supporters by growing responsibly and sustainably.

Our Strategic Plan

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