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Our Mission
The mission of our hospital is the same today as it was when they opened their doors in 1963, which is to provide the members of this rural community and surrounding areas exceptional quality healthcare from employees who have a spirit of caring in their heart.

Our Vision
Our vision is to continue being the first choice and best healthcare provider with a healing spirit while becoming a Regional Healthcare Center.

Our Strategic Plan

Expand Primary Care Clinics
Reaching into our service region to open additional primary care clinics in surrounding communities will enhance accessibility to healthcare and keep medical dollars within our rural area. Lake Area Medical Associates (LAMA) is our primary care clinic located on campus. Designated as a Rural Health Clinic (RHC) through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services demands a higher level of inspection, is surveyed annually with scrutiny, but results in increasing federal dollars available to the community. A recent 4000 square foot expansion and renovation, 6 full-time providers and extended 7am – 7pm hours set precedent in this community and for future clinic placements.

Increase Financial Sustainability
Financial sustainability manifests by an acute awareness of the role each employee and patient play in our organization. In 2017, the patient census at Cleveland Area Hospital increased by 50% over the average of the prior two years. An exponential effort has been made to enhance services, upgrade equipment and technology, professional development, recruitment, culture, communications and first and foremost, patient care. Prioritization of capital purchases to improve patient care, and continually reassessing organizational needs to achieve the vision contributes to the success. Our chief executive officer, Edred Benton, serves the organization as an exemplary role model of financial stewardship and setting forth the vision of being an outlier among rural healthcare facilities. This has bestowed a sense of investment and ownership of this organization among the employees, as well as the Board of Directors.  

Workforce Development
Patient-centered care and teamwork drive our passion to retain and recruit the best healthcare staff and medical providers available. Valiant efforts are made to create desirable employment conditions and opportunities for the current team through programs such as tuition reimbursement, progressive compensation, and competitive benefits.  Physician recruitment efforts are an ongoing priority, engaged by the entire management team. We take a holistic approach to the development of our workforce, utilizing external resources to train and educate, as well as providing advanced training to our staff members on site. To ensure that patient values consistently guide all clinical decisions, CAH emphasizes collaboration within the entire enterprise.

Facility Replacement
We continue to care for the 60-year-old facility that has served the families of this community for decades. We are actively pursuing and on course for facility replacement, having engaged with architects, maintained scheduled cost reports, market analysis, and feasibility studies. Investments in our facility continue and are assessed with scrutiny on positive patient impact, fiscal responsibility, and projected lifespan of the existing buildings. The strategic plan for this hospital in becoming a safe haven for our rural population includes expanding to accommodate additional inpatient beds, the return of surgical services and increasing the capacity of every department to accommodate higher volumes.

Expansion of Services
The definite need to care for the community is upon us, and the expansion of services is inevitable. The existing shortage of physicians and medical services for rural populations forces our community to travel for healthcare. We currently capture only an estimated 5% of the healthcare services that our community members are receiving (Oklahoma State Department of Health information, based on patient zip code). As we continue to pursue excellence this data not only supports the potential we have for explosive growth, but also justifies the necessity and urgency of facility replacement.

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